Emirates Private School Al Ain


A Brief Account about EPS

Emuirates Private School, Al Ain is one of the leading educational establishments in the UAE. Ever since it was established in 1988, it has contributed in equipping generations with an innovative education that enables all students to best exploit their potentials to be well qualified for the world competitiveness. The school Al Ain branch is an educational edifice that avails two curricula study options: British and MOE:

A. British Curriculum:

Is an international world class educational quality from K – 12 following CIE, Cambridge University in educational course-books, inspection and examinations. The school avails a list of obligatory and optional subjects of three levels (O.L, A.S, and A.L) through a constellation of remarkable and experienced IGCSE staff teachers. It is an international certificate that best prepares students to join international universities worldwide.

B. MOE Curriculum:

It follows the UAE ministry of education local syllabus from K – 12 in educational process, Inspection, and examinations. The MOE certificate (Thanawiya Amma) is locally, nationally, and internationally accredited with a list of obligatory and optional subjects through a constellation of remarkable and experienced staff teachers.

We proudly present a world quality education for a better career prospective.

Our motto, ‘Together for a Better Future for Our Children’ defines our vision and reinstates our goal of inspiring the youth to become critical thinkers and world leaders of the future.

We warmly welcome you and hope that our website provides you with ample information.

EPS Principal,
Dr. Khalid Mansour